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Alexandria Johnson

I usually only use the pumpkin aha product but I wanted to switch it up. I love the charcoal scrub! It feels so deeply penetrating and my skin glows afterwards! I also used it under my armpits to help with exfoliation ! I’m so happy to include this in my skincare rout

Alexandria Johnson

This is the holy grail! I wish I had bought it sooner! I got the sample size to try it out but it works great and I plan to make the big size. My skin is so smooth and soft after using this in tandem with my exfoliation routine.

I love this eye cream, it smells nice and I’ve really never had any problems with it. I love how it doesn’t irritate my eyes at all

Perfect at night

I used this every night and it’s been such a game changer using this winter. This is something I’m going to have to keep getting

Love it!

This is evening out my skin tone all over. One month of using and my stretch marks have all but faded away!

Facial Blanket

I love the night crème! It’s thick but not heavy and my face is always extremely soft when I wake up. Highly recommend putting this product in your rotation if you haven’t already.

Kayla Bailey
A staple

This is one of my go-tos. It does its job as a moisturizer without making my face feel overly oily. I like pairing is with the facial oil though for a nice finish.

Best night cream

Most of my friends aren’t into night creams, but they’ve always been ESSENTIAL for me - With that being said I really really love this product! It does everything that a night cream is supposed to do x10. Easily the best on the market, especially for the value. This is probably the only true “beast mode” night cream I’ve ever used. Glad I rediscovered!


So useful and my skin looks super pretty.

All Killer, No Filler

Dang. Every single product I get from this line, I realize I can’t live without. This is lightweight, smells amazing, and a little goes so far. I wake up dewy, even-toned, and glowing whenever I use this, which is about every other night since you don’t want to physically exfoliate and use this on the same day. Don’t hesitate, just buy it!!!

Best and favorite cleanser!

This is my favorite cleanser, ever! I’ve tried some other cleansers in between using this one, but they don’t compare. It leaves my skin feeling clean without drying it out.

Fading hyperpigmentation

I bought this product for the hyperpigmentation on my forehead that has been present since my last pregnancy 7 yrs ago. It has been fading gradually and I know Epanouie’s track record speaks for itself with the other products I have used so I am hopeful for a complete clearing up of the issue within a longer timeframe.

Tessa Williams
Remarkable product

After using this product for 3 days I immediately saw the difference in my under eye area. It was brighter and l saw less lines around the corners. This will now become a staple in my routine of having flawless skin. Epanouie for the win!!!

Ludie Remy
Stretch marks

I bought the oil to help me get rid of the stretch marks that developed on my thighs in the recent year and I’m praying it gets me back to my non stretch marked thighs

Waxer even noticed a difference

Like most women I’ve had some of the worse and uncomfy ingrown and deal with discoloration in my thigh area. This set is heaven sent I’ve become obsessed with starring at my private area cause the progress is amazing. The soap also last veryyyyyy long which I love. Lathers up real nicely

Natural contour

I decided to buy the facial massage kit because I started to contour my face while doing my makeup and I became so obsessed that I want it natural as well cause I don’t wear makeup often but this kit has been amazing with helping me achieve a natural contour.

Game changer

This set takes effort but also alleviate so much stress at the same time. Its a complete well thought out system to keep your kitty clean and healthy. I used to wash myself with a "soft" soap and bought the kitty set because I thought the packaging was mad cute. I was plesantly suprised when I could feel AND smell a drastic difference. Truth be told, I could really be more diligent with the exfoliation. I really like the way the soap softly clean and neutralize odors. Especially when Im on my periods. The oil keeps my skin super soft and moisturize. Would 100% recommend.

My new favorite

Quite literally the best moisturizer I've ever used. The glow my skin has is incredible. Does exactly what it says it does.

Adriana Messina
Sexy and soft

This is another product I’ve repurchased. I quite literally can’t get enough of the strawberry preserves smell. I love smelling edible so this is a go to. I receive compliments from men and women when using this. I always hear how soft my skin is.. A little will go sooooo long I’ve used it almost every night for a month now and I’ve barely scratched the surface. What’s crazy to me is that I have eczema prone skin, and this does not trigger me at all even with fragrance. I do use it as recommended on wet skin. Sometimes I’ll layer with one of my sensitive skin creams when I’m just wearing for myself and the scent is still so prominent. I HAD to buy the dry oil in the same scent.

Adriana Messina

I quite literally had to purchase a new jar immediately because I didn’t want to be without for a day. I’ve been on a heavy acne routine and one product is a prescription exfoliant that left me pretty dry. My barrier was so damaged I couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. I tried multiple creams advertised towards moisturizing and nothing helped. I tried this and after literally TWO uses all my dry patches have been gone and my barrier is starting to heal to the point where I know my skin is nice and smooth now it’s just the acne that I’m trying to get rid of. I can’t believe how quickly this product worked. I also started using it with the oasis spring water which I received with my order and I credit both of them. Both smell delightful. I will keep repurchasing this product for sure.


This serum has been saving my skin this winter. My skin looks hydrated throughout the day, and it has been improving my smile lines. It has also reduced my dry spots, and my skin looks and feels moisturized in the morning. You only need a small amount, so the bottle will last a long time (makes the price worth it). I STRONGLY recommend you read on how to use it, because the first time I used it, it dried up my skin (definitely my fault).


Like others, I only use my fingers when cleansing, never thinking that I could be doing more for my skin.
But there was a noticeable feel after the first use and this will definitely be a staple in my routine moving forward!

Girls, buy it, TODAY.

everything promised

The combination of this in a routine with the Eternelle is an absolute powerhouse. Leaves skin supple, nourished and glowing. Yet another staple.

Get it

The way the kewchie tone has evened out and post period pH is never thrown off anymore…the witchery has done it again!!

Have some patience

I use this product on the hyperpigmentation that I have on my elbows. And all I can tell yall is that its take patience and being consistent. My hyperpigmentation are fading and Im truly happy to have stuck to the process even if some days it feels laborious. The results are impressive. Dont be like me, take photos so you can see progress.