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Cleansing Alternative

Great for makeup removal! I use the Adoucir Cleanser for my day-to-day but I drift towards the oil cleanser after harsher day when I feel my skin has been dried out from too much Sun, sweaty workouts, or outside activities. It gives me a softer, moisturizing cleanse.

Lips Anew

Instant suppleness and plumpness

Very exfoliating!

I had never used a chemical exfoliant before this, and I feel now that I was missing a crucial part of my skincare routine. I only use it about once a week as it is VERY potent, and I can tell a difference in the brightness and texture of my skin. absolutely love

Perfect daytime moisturizer

incredibly obsessed with this creme for daytime. light, airy, but keeps my skin glowing and moisturized all day. plus it smells divine. 10/10

Buy it!

This is probably the single best body product I've ever used. I truly have nothing bad to say about it. It is the perfect consistency, not too slick and not greasy either. It gives my skin *thee* most subtle glow which is one the main reasons why I love it so much. I also love the scent (I really love the smell of coffee in general) but it's not overpowering at all. I originally only purchased the smaller size but ended up repurchasing multiples of the larger size as it has become a staple product for me.

New fragrance, same amazing quality

Decided to purchase a new fragrance. It smells as good as my previous jar and a little goes a long way. I mix this with some vegetable glycerin for extra moisture. Also it travels well, recently did a road trip and forgot to put it in insulated bag, it didn’t run or melt. Amazing:

We recommend storing this product in the fridge & using quickly if you're incorporating additives to it, as this can disturb the formula & preservative system. Glycerin is not a moisturiser but rather a humectant, for long-lasting moisture, we recommend sealing this product in with an oil based product. Thanks for your review.

I won’t use another cleanser

This cleanser is gentle and effective. My skin absolutely loves the goat milk powder & honey!

Dry, irritated skin doesn’t stand a chance!

This is the gentlest, most nourishing crème imaginable. Anytime I’m experiencing dry skin I switch up my routine to focus on the lustré body scrub 3-4x a week followed by the relief crème on damp skin. On the days where I don’t use the scrub, or my skin is irritated, I use the soothing bath soak, and still follow up with the crème on damp skin. Depending how irritated my skin is, I usually feel 100% like a lady again after about 2-3 weeks!

Great Product

The day crème paired with the night crème through consistent usage has brought out a glow in my skin i have never seen before. my skin is free of dullness and the texture on my cheeks and jawline has almost completely gone away

One of My Favorites

As someone with oily skin, I have struggled to find the perfect hydrating product. This essence was an answer to my prayers. This ensures that your face is hydrated after washing and toning without leaving a greasy film on your face.

Gets the Job Done

This product smells so good. I really underestimated this product at first because I am used to my face washes drying me out and smelling like alcohol (I thought that is what it meant to have a clean face). However, my face is nourished, hydrated, and clean. It foams up when paired with the facial sponges.

D. Harrison
A need

You need these sponges. I used to get whatever sponges Marshalls had in their beauty section, these changed the game and gave manual exfoliation a new name. These truly remove dead skin and speed up results. Acne scars are faded and are barely visible. I don't know whether to thank these sponges or the perfecting creme.

Cant stop smelling it

I can not believe I that I once had a skincare routine without this toner. This toner removes dead skin, hydrates me, and ensures my skin is prepared before my night creme and/or hydrating essence. The best part is, it does all of this without stripping my skin. I'll never switch up on Epanouie.

Needed tool

Helps to spread your masks evenly and not over use product, saving you money!

A Treasure for Pregnant and Post-Partum Moms

I was so excited to use this oil for my stretch marks after giving birth and it did not disappoint! It made the skin on my stomach smoother, tighter, and brighter; if I skipped a day of treatment, I could tell a difference. Also is a lovely treat all over after applying the body whip. My original stretch marks were very dark, thick, and deep and now have been smoothed out and have faded tremendously; even the marks at the top are basically invisible! The photos are an 8 month difference, can’t wait to continue to see the results when they lighten all the way up! Thank you! ❤️

I LOVEEE the smell omg

This seals and softens, for sure. It also absorbs very well... but the smell of this is to die for! I would honestly buy it for the smell alone

My skin thanks me

This is a potent, quality HA serum- i can see the plumping in the mirror. Consistency is a key and you dont need a whole lot, as it seems to be concentrated

ok YES

I use this faithfully- if i remember ANYTHING it's to use this a few times a week. My entire body is exfoliated and moisturized- I am obsessed with the softness!

Gentle & smells so so good!

I love how clean this makes my skin, without it feeling like all the layers were stripped from it. It smells like sweet milky something-- delicious & relaxing

Magic in a bottle

Does what it says- i am noticing my underarms and knees lighten- also I havent had to use deodorant since starting this!

I actually like the consistency

This is just enough abrasion, but not too much. Helps me keep my texture at bay.


The reviews that this scrub did not work for are not using it in the way it was intended. This is NOT a scrub for the lazy- it's a scrub for those who are dedicated to radiance and softness. Once I applied the right amount of pressure and cupped my hand the right way, and worked the granules into my skin, everything made sense. If you're doing it right, a white cream emerges at the end to deliver the moisture. A little goes a long way.

I am glad I added this to my routine

This is the first essence I've ever used (I know, I know....) but I am glad I started with Epanouie- they have yet to fail me. Skin feels hydrated and refreshed!

All of the glow, none of the grease.

I was already in love with the body oil of this, and the facial oil did not disappoint. I can see now the difference between this formulation and ones I have tried before- my skin looks replenished without looking sticky and shiny

Great moisture, the perfect consistency

Thick but not TOO thick to where my skin can't absorb it. It delivers hydration throughout the day and feels lightweight but protective. Will def keep repurchasing.