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Game Changer

This cream is truly a holy grail. I never knew i needed this cream. My skin has never been so moisturized and healthy. The cream smells amazing, the consistency is perfect, and a little goes a long way. Please invest in your skin and get this night cream.. you make think you don’t need it, but you absolutely do.

Miracle worker

First off i compared my skin today vs March and instantly had to take pictures for a review! I started using epanouie maybe a year ago very inconstant with the lightening gel, brightening gel and resulting in slight to really no results. So March i decided to try again and really be dedicated this time, i also use the apaiser sensitive toner and the pumpkin masque, and i can honestly say this is the best little transition I’ve seen on my skin. I suffer from really bad hyperpigmentation and I’ve tried it all down to the baking soda and tumeric videos on YouTube but this time i read/ followed the directions and although i still have some work to do i actually see a difference. I’m so pleased and happy with my results and i can’t wait to post another progression picture.


This is the holy grail. Apply it to any blemish and the next day that baby is either half the size or dried up and GONE. Would definitely recommend! Little goes a long way with this spot treatment.


I recently added this to my skincare routine after using the night cream for both night and day. Definitely feel that this is lighter compared to the night cream which is definitely more suitable for an every day wear. I've gone through it a little quicker but it does lather so well and it smells AMAZING. First thing I noticed was the smell. I use the toner, eclaircir, lactic, then this followed by sun screen for every day wear.


I use this brush when apply my pumpkin mask and I love it. Makes it so easy to spread, that way you also aren't wasting extra product. I always just rinse w water and leave to dry. Been using for about a year and still in great shape. Recommend.


I honestly got these and thought I had been ripped off. They come SO thin. As soon as they hit the water I was SHOOK. They puff up so much. I love to use w my cleansers in the shower to really get any dirt/makeup or dead skin off my face. I bought my box a year ago and haven't made a dent. I use for about a month then throw out because they do hold bacteria.


INCREDIBLE! You will feel this baby putting in work. I don't use it twice a week as instructed but can say there is a ample difference every time I do use it. I've only ever gotten one facial in my life and this mask feels very similar to what was put on my face then but BETTER. If you can't handle a little stinging or you have sensitive skin, I however do not recommend this for you. It does sting decently for about 4-7 minutes then the feeling subsides. As soon as you wash it off you will not only feel but see a phenomenal difference. Feel it rids my face of all the dead skin drastically. Use it about once a month because masks take up a little more of my time, do need to be more consistent but don't feel I would use more than once a week because it does what it needs to quiet easily, also don't want to overdo it w the reaction/stinging I do get. LOVE LOVE LOVE. You won't regret. I purchased the brush to apply. Chefs kiss.


I had never purchased or used a toner prior to this, however, was noted to apply serums to a damp face and I use the toner as that "damp" under ground. Have repurchased.


Feel that this product along side the Eclaircir Lightening Gel have done the trick to rid my face of any scaring/hyperpigmentation. I use it a minimum of four days per week. Will not go without. Using any other serums you can tell the formula is mainly water because they dry out quickly and don't spread, this is magic. Little goes a long way, just like with everything else. God bless.


This has been a staple in my routine since I received it. Lathers incredibly well while sealing in serums. You don't feel or look oily but are left with a noticeable glow.


Been using this for about a year now and can say that my face has become so close to being that one even tone that I want. I tend to pick at blemishes which leads to subtle scars, this is the holy grail when used right after and consistently. A little goes a long way, worth every penny!

See For Yourself

Buy this cleanser and you’ll understand all the 5 star reviews. Highly recommend pairing it with a facial sponge, it lathers well, has never dried me out, always leaves me feeling clean & fresh & hydrated! An Epanouie staple!!

I absolutely love the smell of the body whip and feel so edible after I apply this directly out the shower! I like the texture and consistency of the whip and enjoy it's easy application. My main concern when it comes to my skin is hyperpigmentation so I do prefer the body milk as I can visibly see the difference it's made in targeted areas after consistent use. I do apply the whip all over my body but haven't seen huge changes in my complexion compared to the to targeted areas from the milk. However, the softness of your skin after each use is everything!

The Body Whip is a gentle exfoliant which results in a more radiant & even complexion over time. The Body Milk is an aggressive exfoliant which tackles hyperpigmentation as quickly as safely possible. That is also why it can't be used all over the body. Thanks for your lovely review.

Epanouie has done it again

This product is now a staple in my body care routine FOREVER. Hyperpigmentation, darkness, scars, marks on your skin... this body milk handles all. I'm still in awe how after a few uses, I have achieved an even-looking tone across my entire body. It's the way that my knees, underarms, and elbows virtually have no hyperpigmentation or darkness present after a few weeks of consistent use. I can't get enough of this product!!

GOODBYE to cystic acne!

I've been perfecting my skincare routine over the years to fix certain target issues and I finally got to the point where I had little to no acne. But of course, your cycle and hormones don't care about any of that. It would frustrate me after working hard and being consistent to have clear skin just for that time of the month to roll around and grow a huge mountain on my head. Well thanks to this spot treatment, Cystic acne is something I know will always come, but never prevail. Applying this day and night for 2-5 days and it's like you never had a pimple on your face. I need this spot treatment to stay around FOREVER ok!

Love this toner

I love this toner! It prepares your skin for any serums, moisturizers you may use after, is gentle and smells great. My skin always looks great when I’m using it consistently twice a day.

Best cleanser

I love this cleanser so much! If there were a larger size available I would buy it in a heartbeat because I always seem to run out before I can grab another one. It smells great, really truly cleanses the skin and works especially well with the facial sponges! A perfect start to the routine.

Perfect Manual Exfoliant

This scrub is really wonderful and is perfect for sloughing off any dead skin from the other Épanouie products that chemically exfoliate. I’ve been using it for years and it’s my favourite manual exfoliant ever. Leaves you smoother and brighter immediately!

There is literally no better body treatment than this

I truly will use this forever if I can! I’ve tried many different lactic acid body products to smooth out my sometimes bumpy arms and strawberry legs and no product comes even somewhat close to the Babeurre Body Whip. It makes my skin SO soft, so even and brightens the tone and on top of that it smells amazing! I even use it on my underarms now instead of deodorant. I really can’t get enough, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to my body skin.

Hydration honeyyy

Does exactly what it says and a little goes a long way!

Toner heaven

I love this product. One of the staples I will always order from Èpanouie. I find it's easy to over use if you put the product on a cotton pad. Instead I pour a few drops of the toner directly on to my face and gently rub in with my fingers. It's the perfect toner.

My fave mask so far

I've tried the pumpkin mask, oat mask and the fruit enzyme mask from Épanouie. I have to say this mask feels amazing on my face, especially as I keep it in the fridge so it's very cooling and refreshing on the face. If a blemish appears on my face and I use this, the blemish will have shrunk by the next morning.

a part of my life I never want to give up

When I first bought this product I had to get into the habit of bathing at night time in addition to my morning shower. I've managed to be consistent, missing a day every once in a while cos..tiredness. After 5 months by skin is so soft. The whip has DRASTICALLY reduced and softened lines and wrinkles I had on my hands and feet, and my body is now all one even tone all over. In addition, the indulgent smell and luxuriousness of the product, makes the night time routine I do now (with the body milk) something I look forward too, my own personal home spa, rather than a burden.

Would recommend!

A great nourishing face wash

I really enjoy this facial cleanser. It smells very good, and not overpowering. It lathers up nicely and leaves my skin feeling soft and not stripped. Honestly, if you’ve been on the fence about trying this product just do because you won’t be disappointed. Even my hands feel soft after I wash my face with this cleanser! Also, like with most if not all products from this brand, a little goes a looong way. The bottle may “look” small to some but I’ve been using mine since March 8 and I’m not even close to halfway done with it. Another great product!

Smells heavenly!!

I love the smell of this body butter. It makes my skin feel so soft