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Exceptional Bath Experience

This bar taught me the meaning of clean and supple skin. This bar smells like luxury and self love. This bar lathers enough to coat my entire body twice. This bar is the highest quality soap bar I have ever been blessed enough to have the opportunity to purchase. This bar is worth the battle to keep in stock, do not give up on trying to get this product !! This bar is the absolute perfect base for every oil and body butter available. This bar is a work of art and a stroke of genius. Thank you Épanouie for the healthiest, happiest glow my skin has ever had !

#1 Soap

This soap makes me feel squeaky clean and I can’t believe I ever used any other soap before this. I used the scrub before the soap, but now the duo makes me feel cleaner than ever. The best part was lather - so perfect. I need to make sure I keep this soap in stock.

Great product.

I’ve been using this moisturizer for a while and it’s an amazing product. I have really dry skin and using this product has helped moisturize and give my skin a new life. I love it and use it nightly.

Tatyana Smith
Never felt a lather like this

Purchased a single bar and my skin has never felt cleaner. The luxurious lather washes away impurities and smells amazing. I can’t believe I used other soap (D***) thinking I was actually doing something. My skin feels and smells amazing! This bar combined with the body scrub, summer nights body butter and dry oil have been my holy grail. Wishing I would have purchased more as I’m rationing like a madman. Will continue to support this business for generations to come. Thank you!!!!

Sharae Hightower
Beautiful Glowing Skin

This product gives you beautiful glowing skin. You don’t need a lot at all to apply it all over the face, neck and décolletage. Just beware that if you keep your house warm🥴 you should put it in a cooler place or it’ll melt.

whitney nixon
It's Okay

I really wanted to love this but my skin just didn't love it. It smells wonderful and feels good on the skin. However, I gave this to my. mom and she LOVES IT!!!


What an amazing soap. As I've mentioned in other reviews, the skincare products are amazing but where Epanouie really has taken over in my bathroom is the body products.

This soap is cleansing, has a great lather and is still somehow gentle. The scent is definitely for those of us who go "Home" for summer break and/or Christmas. It definitely transports me out of America. Use it as directed with a nylon cloth and your skin will be clean, exfoliated and smell phenomenal. Using it together with the body scrub, body butter and dry oil is A NO BRAINER for clean, glowy skin. wish I had pre-ordered on the most recent restock because these other "artisan soaps" are nice but they don't clean like this one.


The way the sensual vanilla will never not go unbought in this home!!! Best scent hands down 😭

Soft Skin

My face is so soft y'all and I can’t stop touching it. This toner definitely does it’s job. It’s done an exceptional job with improving my skin texture and removing left over debris.


I’ve been using this product in conjunction with the daily toner and my skin has been glowing. People are constantly complementing me on my skin and I feel so beautiful with my natural face. Apply this product on clean/exfoliated, soaking wet skin and watch what happens!

Never using another soap again

After being gifted a bar from my friend, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this soap! I’m so happy I finally got to get to it in time!! This definitely brings my shower experience to a new level. The lather on this soap is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. It leaves my skin feeling firm, very soft and clean. I got a double bar but I cut my bar into thirds to help preserve it. I am definitely looking forward to the next drop because my body loves this soap! I follow with my body butter and satin finish dry oil right after showering and it’s definitely the Épanouie Experience!


I love everything about this soap! I think I’ll be able to cut it into 4 so it lasts longer (so far I’ve cut at the IE of the bar). I love how it lathers and makes my skin feel both soft and squeaky clean at the same time. Looking forward to copping another bar at the next restock so I don’t run out! Do your body a favour and get you some!!!

Squeaky clean

Best bar soap I’ve ever used. You feel squeaky clean without feeling stripped like so many other soaps. 5 stars.


I finally was able to get my hands on this soap and my biggest regret is only buying a single bar. I really wanted to try it out first but I love it. I cut it in half to preserve b/c after I tried it I was sold. I love the rich lather the deep clean and softness after 10/10


I love this body scrub so much! From the way it smells to the way it makes my skin feel - AMAZING!

Great product !

I really like this moisturizer. It’s light weight, no greasy, spreads easily, and smells amazing. Since using this (in conjunction with other Epanouie products) my acne has been minimum .

Hydrating af

This crème does a great job at hydrating my under eyes and like all Épanouie products, it smells amazing!

Will never use another cleanser

This has been a favorite of mine since 2021. No other cleanser compares. My skin feels so refreshed after every use. You can see the glow in your skin afterwards


This feels so good on my skin after cleansing and my skin has improved so much since using this.


Im not very acne prone but I do get the occasional pimple especially during pms but a drop of this literally fixes the redness and irritation over night. Even helped clear up these reoccurring breakouts I kept getting on my chin. Will be repurchasing and telling everyone I know about this

I bought the sample size to try the product before getting the full size and glad I did but just wish I had bought the full thing. This is the PERFECT cleanser on days I need a cleanser that will clean but is not too harsh. I use this after my swims lessons to rid my skin of the pool water and to hold me off until actually washing my face later in the evening.

Smell is a plus

The product itself is a great moisturizer adn has made its way into my staple for my skin routine... Not too surprised by that as my skin regimen is largely composed of Epanouie products.


Leaves my skin sooo soft and smooth! Very refreshing on the face but I absolutely love using this on my underarms for detox. I use before my under arm wax and sometimes a few days after and my under arm skin is literally as soft and smooth as my face.

Smells amazing and my skin loves it

The way my skin drinks this day crème up makes no sense! My face looks brighter and more refreshed immediately after massaging it in. Not to mention it smells like a fruity dream.

So Refreshing

The perfect addition to an after shower routine in the morning. The feeling is refreshing and the scent citrusy. It also leaves the skin feeling spotless and ready to apply other products. When its out of stock I've tried the sensitive toner and it is also great, so I don't think you can go wrong with either one.