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Consistency is your friend!

Be consistent and you will see results. I used it mainly on my armpits, knees and right above the bikini line.

Smells amazing

Definitely feel the strength of the acid content on freshly shaved skin. Apply to DAMP skin, and your skin will be very soft. You will smell like a delicious pastry after!

so far so good

This body milk seems to be working well so far. It's only been 2 weeks for me. I do have to add a caveat, I use it with my lactic acid lotion. The acid has exfoliating properties and helps topical creams penetrate the skin. I'm not sure if that's why this body milk working well quickly. I'm happy with the product.

This product has a warning advising it not be combined with other chemical exfoliants, as it is already extremely exfoliating with known irritants like Glycolic & Kojic Acid. Additionally, the product guide advises against this product being layered. Failure to follow directions may lead to an adverse result, for which we accept zero liability. Thanks for your review.

Must use consistently!

I've been using this product for a month & a half now and I'm starting to see noticeable results in my knees and especially my armpits! You have to use twice daily & exfoliate problem areas at least 2-3 times a week to really get the full effect. Would definitely recommend!

Gentle & effective

I love the smell and feel of this mask! I use it once a week and it leaves my skin glowing. A great treatment for dull, texturized skin.

Effective product.

I've been using this product on my underarms and it really works. A plus is that I literally no longer need to use deodorant.. I'm in love and will absolutely be re-purchasing.

My Favorite


Love It!

Smells so good and the exfoliation is really softening and brightening my skin!

Love it

Love the product!

The product truly delivers results with consistent use. Obsessed!

LOVE this product!

Very happy with this product so far. Been using it just about 1 month, specifically on my elbows where my eczema is the worst. The skin there was very dark and EXTREMELY rough. Its been getting smoother every day! not much lightening as of yet but it is definitely coming along.

This product works by first exfoliating the layers of dead, discolored skin and then preventing hyperpigmentation from forming in the newly surfaced skin. You can expect visibly smoother texture within 2 weeks of use, permanent smoothing within 6 weeks and a change in pigmentation after 12 weeks. Areas with thicker skin (elbows, knees) will take longer than areas with thinner skin (underarms, inner thighs, bikini line). Thank you for your review!

This product smells like heaven. I mean anyone who's smelled it on me ask what perfume or lotion it is and I'll tell them it's actually a body whip. Anyways I use this at night after I shower all over my arms and legs. I don't have to dip much of my finger in it for the whip to cover my skin. This'll last long in my mirror cabinet. It smooths out my skin. I don't have eczema or anything skin conditions I just wanted to try this.

Body Milk

I loooooove loove looove this product. I started using this product on November 30th and have been using it consistently since then. I put this product on my armpits only. Now since I think I have aggressive hyperpigmentation, I do not see a dramatic change in color on my armpits but it has gotten rid of roughness and razor bumps. (I'm also too embarrassed to upload photos now lol) I'll probably upload photos once it's been 12 weeks so you'll see a distinct difference in hyperpigmentation. Overall I love it. I know the directions say not to wear deodorant when put on armpits and now I see why. I haven't HAD to put deodorant on. It's wonderful because I don't get a musty smell anymore when I don't wear deo. I would recommend following the directions given and only use twice a day. (Day and Night) for outstanding results.

See for yourself!

So I've been using this since Nov 30th and it wasn't until I took this after (Left) picture that I noticed how drastic the difference was. ( Pls don't mind the hairy pits, my wax appointment is this week). Not only do I no longer need deodorant (Which is insane because I have tried SO MANY natural deodorants out there and have been left musky af!), it has actually done it's damn job! It was the baking soda in those natural deodorants that left my underarms so discolored and I'm hype af that this product is correcting this problem for me! I have followed the product guide to a T and I'm so excited for my results. I can't wait to order the larger size of this product during the next restock! This product is a game changer!!!

The softest skin I've ever had, I really wish I'd brought two at least!

I've always had soft skin, but babyyyyy if someone would've told me it could've gotten softer I wouldn't have believed them! My regret is not getting more than one, but I will not be making this mistake again. I absolutely LOVE the smell of it, like a nutty sugar cookie and I am obsessed!!! It is sticky, but I've found that if I apply fresh out of the shower on slightly damp skin it takes away the stickiness. I use this product on my arms, bottom, and midsection. I wish I could use it all over, but the jar is so small. definitely will purchase again!

Body Whip!

The main thing I can talk about is the smell, even though I prefer citrus smells over sweet ones, the vanilla smell has grown on me. It is soooo long lasting, even the room smells like it after applying it, the next day my skin still smells like I had just applied it. I have not used it long enough to see significant results, also I only use it 4 days a week because I have extremely sensitive skin which could also be why the results are not as significant, but I have seen a reduction of chest and back pimples' size after applying it. 9/10

Body Whip Excellent for CARP Skin Condition!!!

This body whip is so moisturizing and exfoliating that it really helped me with my CARP, or Gougerot-Carteaud, a skin condition that results in a lot of dry "thick" skin in certain areas. While the Body Whip is not a miracle cream, it has really helped smooth out some of my roughest areas. I did not even purchase the whip for my CARP, because I never thought a topical cream could help! I bought the body whip to generally even my body's skin tone, which it did, especially on my arms which have seen a lot of sun in their days. But now I am so excited to see my CARP even up!

Also...the goodness. It is my favorite scent, and I love that my bed smells like it now. My only wish is that it was sold in larger jars, a 5 oz for a nightly cream for the body does not make the most sense to me. I will be repurchasing (often) because it has been really helping me achieve my goal of one, even skin tone over my whole body.

This product was created specifically for dermatitis and other skin conditions, we are glad to hear of your results. Thank you kindly for your feedback on the sizing. This product is sold in a 5 ounce container because it is very laborious to make, majority of our products are handmade by one person. However, we are receptive to customer feedback, and are working out the logistics of offering it in a larger container, at a discount. Thanks for your review.


This stuff is amazing. Over the summer I broke out a lot on my back, chest and upper arms and I had so many acne scars all over body. But after using this in conjunction with the body butter every night (and some mornings; I skipped out most mornings because I was trying to make it last longer lol) for the past month, my body is literally glowing. My skin hasn't looked this good in a while. I still have some scars but a significant amount of them have started to fade. I wish I bought more!

A Rare Miss

I own every Epanouie product, and was excited to try this body whip. Unfortunately, it's a rare miss for the brand. Maybe the formula can be reworked, because at $52 this jar is not the body moisturizer of your dreams .
When I put it on (on damp skin fresh out the shower, as per instructions), it gives me a weird sticky feeling that doesn't go away even after the product has absorbed into the skin. The texture is a bit strange - it has these small rough particles that you definitely feel rubbing against your skin while you're massaging it in.
It keeps the skin relatively moisturized, but not to a degree that it's soft and smooth for 12 hours. I will say that it's currently winter in NYC and the dry cold air would be a tough test for any body product. However, my face is smooth and glowy thanks to all-Epanoiue products! So it's definitely possible. Maybe I'll repurchase in the future with a different formula.

Sorry to hear you do not like this product. The 'sticky feeling' you mention is due to the Lactic Acid which accounts for the exfoliating effect of the product. Lactic Acid has a tacky texture and when used at high concentrations like it is in our product, there's no way around this. Secondly, the particles you describe are the milk powders, which provide additional exfoliation and dissolve when applied on damp skin fresh out of the shower as described. This product is more of an exfoliant than a regular body moisturizer, and is formulated to smoothen and brighten the skin over time if used consistently. The formula will not be changing. Thanks for giving it a try!

Smooth and edible skin!

I really like this body whip. The smell is amazing, reminds me of vanilla cupcakes. I feel so edible every night before bed. After applying it to my damp skin it leaves like sticky feeling, which i'm guessing is due to the high percentage of lactic acid. It has also helped with my skins texture. My KP feels smoother after each use. I haven't seen any changes in my complexion thus far & I feel like I probably won't since my jar is close to being finished. However, since I love how my skin feels & smells after each use, I ordered another jar. Hopefully I'll see some changes with my discolorations.

This product will impart an overall radiance to the skin as it exfoliates and brings about new skin to the surface but it is not for hyperpigmentation problems. We recommend our Teint Parfait Body Milk for hyperpigmentation. Thanks for your review.

Still Working

So far this product seems to be helping a bit on my elbows. I tend to use it only once a day (at night) because I'm mostly in the house with short sleeves and have yet to purchase a high spf. Will try to up the usage in the next few weeks to see how quicker the results will be!

Nice Simple Toner

This toner complements the other products in this line very well. It's soothing and refreshing, which is all I ask of my toners. It has a lovely light smell as well. I only wish it came in larger quantities because I tend to run through these bottles but relative to the other product sizes, I get why we only get about 4 ounces. I also feel that the artisanal nature of these products supports the small batch method for the toners. It makes sense and it works. Lovely user experience.

Delicious Smell, Delicious Lather

I love how this cleanser smells like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. It's great for anyone who likes a nice foaming lather for their cleanse. When I use it, I use facial sponges along with it to get a nice scoured-clean feel.

No-Brainer Staple

I've happily used this product for so long. I purchased this cleanser and immediately forgot about any other oil cleansers upon the first use. I do dearly miss the smell of the earlier formulations, and I'm excited to try the newer emulsifying formulation. I towel this off with a hot towel when I use it and I love how tight and soft my skin feels afterward. I like to massage this in for a while, it's a great astringent and will draw the oil plugs from your skin if you relax and take your time with a good in-depth facial massage. Scrumptious product, love how thick it applies. A must-have in my arsenal.

In My Weekly Rotation

It's come to the point where I solely use Epanouie's face masks. This one is great for a gentle pick me up throughout the week while I'm alternating their physical exfoliation treatment and their hydrating treatment. I love the glow my face has with use of this chemical exfoliant. It's not too strong to where I have to use it sparingly either. Takes very well to my skin and I love the smell. Keeps my skin looking smooth and feeling tight and elastic. I'm amazed at the lack of texture in my skin and I owe it to Epanouie!