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Lives up to the hype
love this
So happy
A pleasant surprise
My sweet treat ☺️
Your skin looks amazing. Thanks so much for the photo. If you have a before photo, please email our customer service at
Thank you for trying our products. The Lightening Gel does not contain Lactic Acid, so if you believe your reaction was caused by that ingredient, it's unlikely the gel was the cause of that. Patch testing before beginning use of the products gives a concise idea of what products don't agree with your skin and exactly which products cause the problem. The Night Crème might be greasy to some due to its base of Virgin Organic Shea Butter, only a small amount is needed to moisturise the entire face. Thanks for your review.
Caused brown patches to form and Dark spots to get darker
Thank you for trying our products. From the photo you attached, that looks like a burn which can be caused by combining chemical exfoliants (the bundle you purchased contains three chemical exfoliants), leaving certain products on too long or not using sunscreen with the products. The products are very concentrated and must be used responsibly. However if you claim to have followed all those directions, we can't be sure what caused it. We advise discontinuing use immediately and not using any other chemical exfoliants on the area until it heals. Thanks for your review.
Work great with combination/oily skin!
First try at a facial routine and I loved it!
I wish I could love it..
Thank you for trying our products. This product is much gentler in formulation and fragrance than the Night Crème, so it is highly possible you're allergic to one or more ingredients. The Night Crème is always a great choice and we are glad it works for you. Thanks for your review.
I feel fancy
Literally never dry anymore
High Quality
My favorite cremes
Simply Lovely
Very much so!
Results in 2 weeks!
Night cream