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First thing's first, I love the smell of this moisturizer! It smells fruity and sweet without being overbearing; the scent also lingers for a while, which I enjoy. I chose this product because I have oily skin and read this would be best for my type of skin. I use this after cleansing with the daily cleanser and applying the daily toner. In order to get the best effect, you have to rub this in for about 30 seconds or so. It leaves me with a glowing, dewy look and feeling beautiful all day.

So Good

I wanted to try this after seeing other reviewers say it was Eternelle’s little sister— she is and she’s perfect! The smell alone is incredible and your skin is just left dewy soft. Yet another banger from Epanouie!!


i love this oil! it has my skin glowing and clear. never going back. really great slip for gua sha
saw faster results with this than my facials

Soooo good

Ugh I LOVE the oasis facial water. Epanouie has done it again. Perfect for between skincare steps or just a pick-me-up. Smells delicious. 10/10. New mandatory part of my routine!

Must-Have for Hydration

The smell was such a pleasant surprise. It makes my skin soft and glowy. It's a must-have for your hydration routine.


This soap is effectively correcting the hyperpigmentation on my legs. Consistency is definitely important in making a difference.


I never thought I would review a soap dish lol… but this one is well designed and superior to others that’s on the market. This is a great soap dish. It’s a nice size and it fits the soap bars perfectly.


This product absorbs well into the skin. What I love about this body butter is that it doesn’t leave a greasy film. I enjoyed all the fragrances that I purchased. However, my favorite scent so far is strawberry preserves. It literally smells just like a delicious strawberry dessert.

Love this body scrub

A must have in a body care routine. This is the only body scrub that I use. It smells amazing and softens the skin. I use it along with the beaute bar, the body butter/whip, and body oil. I always get compliments on how soft my skin is.

olushola Mogaji
4 months postpartum

I started using the soyeuse body oil when I was 6 weeks post partum. I used it only on my belly, breasts and hips. I honestly didn’t pay too much attention to the changes until I put this images side by side. You can see at 4 months, the picture was taken in the same place, same light, no filter or edits and my stretch marks have faded so much. I’m honestly still on the first bottle and have the second one unopened ( since I signed up for the subscription). The smell and color of the oil looks Medicinal, so I trusted it. It can stain your clothes (whites) so be careful.
I’ll continue to use it as I’ve began working out consistently to lose my baby weight. I would recommend!

Consistency is key

I never thought I would a person that would spend so much on soap but I have made it a point to have some money put aside just for this brand. This soap is working wonders on old scars on my legs and lightening my elbows. So excited to see the progress by the end of the year

Favorite day moisturizer

I love this product! It smells so good and it’s not too heavy. A little goes a long way and it wears well under spf and makeup

Very Nice

This really helps with my hormonal acne when my period is about to come on. I’ll definitely repurchase but my bottle will last me a while

Great Body Care Investment

This is the first product that has made a significant difference in the hyperpigmentation on my inner thighs, and I still have alot of the bar left. I follow up with the beauty bar. The perfect combo. I can't wait to see the final result.

Casanthia Childers

Love it!!!

Love it

My main skincare goal right now is lightening dark spots and this is central to my routine. I've been using it twice a day for about two weeks and I've seen a little difference so far, so I'm optimistic as vitamin c serums usually balance out the skin hyperpigmentation and even tone for me. Also, this is probably the best smelling Vitamin C serum I've tried.


This and the gua sha are a lethalllll combination. My skin is so smooth and I feel like it really absorbs into my skin as opposed to sitting on top! It's light enough for the summer heat and I'm hoping with continued use it will lighten discoloration like the Soyeuse body oil!

Another hit!

I absolutely LOVE this deodorant but it definitely took some time for me to get used to it. This deodorant is unlike anything out there, so for me, the application process required some tweaks. I apply this deodorant in patting then gentle rubbing motions. I find that if you apply this like your standard deodorant, you are prone to it pilling and not adhering to the skin of the pits. The old formulation was malleable, so I would just pat, then do a gentle rub. Almost like you’re rubbing in a cream. The new formulation I find is less malleable, but the same application process works for me! You also need to take the time to apply this deodorant. Don’t rush it! I feel like this deodorant does wonders to my skin of my pits. I haven’t noticed any discoloration in my clothing as of yet. I am very smooth with practically zero discoloration now. I laser my armpits and with this deodorant, I feel like in a sense it soothes and hydrates that skin. It’s so nice and supplementing. I was in love with the floral scent from the previous formulation, still savoring it! The lavender fields scent from the new formulation is amazing!

Revolutionary feminine hygiene!

The PK system has proved to be absolutely REVOLUTIONARY to my feminine hygiene care. A little background about me, I cannot shave or wax. Both of these methods have left me discolored and plagued me with the most embarrassing ingrowns. As a woman, I’m sure many of us can relate to the shame and embarrassment of not having the confidence to wear a bikini, or participate in sexy time, or even the daily feminine hygiene due to the unsightliness of ingrowns and discoloration. My self-esteem took such a large hit. But after using this CONSISTENTLY, I am so amazed at how at the results. The soap is absolutely amazing. Gives you the perfect clean without feeling dry. It also has the most delicate floral-herbal scent that I adore. The scrub is the perfect exfoliant. I use it four times a week! I feel like the scrub put in so much of the legwork for making my feminine area so nice and smooth. The oil? Can’t live without it. In fact, I’m not sure how I’ve gone so long without it. It’s nice and lightweight, yet packs a punch in terms of performance. My discoloration has lightened SIGNIFICANTLY. I’m so much smoother, like silky smooth. I do laser the PK system is an absolute must have if you’re a laser girlie! I have some ways to go but I am so content with how I look now. I can wear bikinis, something I was never comfortable with. I’m no longer on the verge of tears in dressing rooms. Thank you guys so much for this life-changing product!


Listen, I have alligator skin. I grew up with eczema, leaving me with the driest of skin. I cannot tell you how before this product, so many “lotions” and “creams” out there left me dissatisfied. Do you know how uncomfortable it feels to come out of the shower with TIGHT skin, even after moisturizing? You bend to pick up an item you dropped, or stretch, and now you are burning and itchy cause your skin is so dry. Not a problem for me at LAST! Following the instructions, this body butter leaves my skin sooooooo hydrated. And with continued use, my skin has only gotten softer and smoother overtime. I use it with the body oil and it’s absolutely amazing. This is the only body cream I will ever be using. I keep a hefty stock in my drawers. And the scents? Omg! I’ve tried so many and I have adored them ALL. I love how there’s something for everybody, whether you’re into the gourmands or you’re a clean girlie. You can’t go wrong. And contrary to the reviews you see here, don’t be afraid to explore scent combinations! One of my God tier scent combos is pink roses body butter with the lemon creme cake body oil. HEAVEN. Cheers to hydrated skin at last!

The perfect scrub!

A good physical exfoliant is so hard to find these days. For me, I run into the exfoliants that are way too fine to do anything, or those that are so thick to the point of cuts and scratches. The berry lisse scrub is absolutely wonderful. I love how the formulation ensures that the actual scrub particles stick together. It’s ensures such a nice, easy application. It’s the perfect amount of grit! This scrub makes my face so soft and smooth. It also gives me a little brightness! I got two backups, can’t go without it.

A staple!

I absolutely adore this product! It’s lightweight, refreshing, and hydrating. I apply this endlessly between the steps in my skincare routine. It’s the new foundation of my routine. I have very dry skin. I need a nice dampened base for products to soak, otherwise they literally just sit on top. The oasis facial water in tandem with the toner or essence is the loveliest combo. I believe I’m on my fourth bottle already and this product hasn’t even been out that long. Thank you guys!

Hyperpigmentations worst nightmare

Been using for a month consistently and already noticing the dark patches on my knees beginning to lighten. Even toned legs coming soon!

A Must Have

Doux Moisture Souffle is the perfect remedy for my dry skin. It is rich and thick so a small dab goes a long way. It is a fabulous moisturizer.

Absolute Relief!

I bought this for my mother who has eczema but had to keep a bar for myself! I used it in a depression shower so my skin was very dry and had started to get itchy. My skin felt silky smooth once the soap touched it. Felt like those makeover games where you grab the item and wave it over the person and it’s instantly done, but irl. And the soap smelled like medicine which I personally really liked. I didn’t use the butter and oil the first time but made sure I have every time after and my skin is literal perfection, I didn’t think my skin could feel so smooth and soft!