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Smells amazing and leaves your skin looking beautifully hydrated.

Love to use this after taking off my makeup but I dont enjoy the smell. I love the daily cleanser more

Very hydrating

Pretty thick gel like consistency and leaves my skin so plump

Smells great

Smells so good

So Good

First of all, them mask smell so good, you have to remind yourself not to taste it.
And it leaves your skin looking brighter and healthier.
Also this is great if you have acne, it will clear the skin in 2 weeks use. But you have to use it as directed. Do not over-exfoliate.

Love IT

This mask leaves my face so smooth, I’m obsessed with the epanouie mask. They smell so good and they give your skin so much brightness. In the first month of using it I was blown away every time.
Love IT.

Skin Saviour

This is a life saviour. When I started using it regularly (2x day), my dark spot started fading and now they are almost all gone.
I believe in the next month I will have zero dark spot. Note that some of my spot dated a year back.
So for people with hyperpigmentation, get yours.


The doux Moisture Soufflé is the bomb.
The texture is wonderful and the smell is just amazing. I alternate with the night cream every other night and my skin loves it.
Also it's true, A little goes a long way.

Such a great addition!

This applicator brush is definitely worth the's soft and helps applying masks evenly and it's super easy to clean and store.

Best Cleanser!

I am OBSESSED with this cleanser! Smells amazing, feels amazing, and leaves your skin looking and feeling moisturized, hydrated and perfect.

Great Mask!

This mask leaves you with a fresh glowy complexion after every single use. You not only see the difference, you feel the difference. It not only stops break-outs in their tracks but also helps regulate oil production. A huge fan of this mask.

Great for acne scars!

This gel works great! With patience and consistency, you will see your acne scars disappear before your eyes.

Super Moisturizing

This cream does exactly what it claims: deeply moisturizes, hydrates and restores the skin. It's very fluffy and velvety and goes on beautifully on it's own or under make-up. Your skin will thank you!

Fresh af

Honestly I have all three creams, the double souffle, night and day creme. This one is amazing for day time use after a fresh cleanse. It just has this liquid but creamy consistency that I crave. I feel so moisturized and my skin soaks this up so well. This is my go to for a fresh and vibrant face during the day. I love all creams for different reasons but this is my go to for everyday morning and afternoon use! We glowing and I love this liquid gold.

*chef’s kiss*

I suffer from hyperpigmentation after my break outs, and this past year I’ve been having them alot. Hyperpigmentation really hit on my self esteem, and since I don’t wear make up, I really was looking for something that could help with the hyperpigmentation. This gel really helped and still does fade the hyperpigmentation! I had sooooo many pigments on my forehead and my chin and it’s almost gone! Even when I get some new pigments I don’t freak out as much because I know this gel will help fade it away! This product is a 10/10 👌🏾

THEEEE cream!

This cream is one of my favorite creams ever. No, forget that, it’s my favorite cream! I would wake up with glowy skin, and that’s even after a little break out. This cream is really a miracle in glass! I love it, and I will buy it again! 10/10

My face doesn't feel clean without them.

I can't go back to cleansing my face the regular way because it just doesn't do. These sponges help cleanse the skin really good & provide a light form of exfoliation. Also please don't scrub your face too hard with these, use gentle circular motions to get the best results. ✨❤️

Gifted to this to my bff. ❤️✨

The products are just that good. If you truly love your friends, buy them Épanouie. 😭☝🏾.

Flawless, Glowy!

Night cremé is that girl! Thicc and smells really good! I use it on days I’m not exfoliating(This is major key. Don’t play yourself!) A little goes a long way! My scarring and hyperpigmentation has improved immensely! You’ll wake up with glowy skin!

So Supple!

I wanted to try this toner for the longest but kept fumbling the bag. After using the sensitive toner, I was able to finally get my hands on this toner and I like it 🥰 Smells amazing. A little goes a long way. I use it 2x a day and have seen major improvements with my skin. Creates a canvas for serums and moisturizers!

She’s That Girl!

This cleanser right here >>>😭 I was an avid user of Olay before buying this product. A beauty! I love the smell of lemons or citrus fruits and this cleanser is it! It has exceeded my expectations! I use the cleanser 2x a day, paired with the sponges! Best combo ever!

Unclockable Skin🤩

Previously, I used my hands to apply my cleansers
After months of being indecisive, I decided on purchasing these. When my acneic skin or texture is unclockable! This helps to 1. Flatten your acne, 2. Makes texture and pores less visible
3. It’s very gentle on the skin, 4. It’s great for taking off your cleansers, makeup and masques. Very satisfied! Y’all won’t regret. Buy it!

Love it!

I already love the milk cleanser and hyaluronic serum, but this was my first time trying the day creme and fruit enzyme masque. I absolutely love both! The fruit enzyme masque will leave your skin BABY SOFT and the day creme smells amazing— you only need a little to moisturize your skin and it has such a natural GLOW.


Loving the results so far and will definitely be grabbing another bottle during the restock. I only use it to spot treat so the product will last a while, which is amazing!

Do it!

If your questioning or hesitant on purchasing this item do it!! The package comes full with compressed sponge, that I cut in half to save on. They are a great exfoliator that leaves your skin feelings super smooth! Great to use in place of hands, far cleaner too!