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This cream does exactly what the description says it does! It’s really just chef kiss lol! You will be seeing a difference overnight. Love love love it!!!!

Love this!

Love this milk cleanser! Smells great, a little goes a long way, super effective, leaves the skin feeling soft & beautiful!

The best!!

The oil cleanser is my favorite I’ve tried. It keeps my skin in order, keeps breakouts away, love the feeling of it on the skin even after washing off. Doesn’t leave a greasy film at all, leaves the skin refreshed, clean & soft! I love every product she makes honestly, but this is really amazing stuff!

The best!

This oil always has my skin silky smooth. Will always buy as long as it’s available! Truly one of the best products I’ve ever gotten my hands on! The smell is my favorite too, smells soooooo good!!

Can't live without this cream

This is THE night cream. This cream is very smooth, very creamy, and highly concentrated. A little scoop really goes a long way and will cover your entire face and neck. I think this has been the gamechanger in my routine because I have noticed a huge difference in my skin texture and tone. If I slack off, I notice that my skin feels rough to the touch. I highly recommend wearing at least SPF 50 the day after using this cream (indeed, every day to be honest, lol) so that the results last longer. A definite staple in my routine.

Jaihla Williams
First & last toner

I’ve never used a toner before using this one and it has me super spoiled. A little goes a long way, especially when using it on a wet face. Feels especially good after using my Berry scrub and refrigerating it gives you a spa experience ✨

Jaihla Williams
Lifelong fan

I’ve been using this product for almost a year now and it’s a staple in my morning routine. She’s not harsh and leaves my skin feeling super clean. She lathers well and has the most fantastic creamy smell. I feel super luxurious when using this product

The missing link

This is one of those products that you didn’t know you needed it until you used it. I incorporated this into my morning routine and it leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and ready for the day! I’d definitely recommend this product if you want a supple feeling that lasts all day

Dryness? We don’t know her

I didn’t know how much I needed this masque until I tried it. It leaves my skin so supple and hydrated the next morning. This is gonna perfect for me as we head into these harsh Michigan winters.

Jaihla Williams
Magic in a bottle

This lightning gel is perfect for when I get scarring from a pimple, they’re not completely gone yet but there’s a noticeable difference. A little goes a long way with this product


It's the moisture my skin always needed. I love it. The smell is great and my skin absorbs it like a sponge. My face is much happier.


Liquid gold this time for the body. My skin feels amazing the following day. And I smell delicious too! My doggy gives me a thorough sniff every time.

It’s the glow I want

This product makes your skin so beautiful and glowing. I use this AHA mask twice a month if I can’t get in for a facial, and wow!!! It gives me the post-facial glow and clears all roughness. I love the consistency as I’m not into super thick masks. Super easy to spread and last a very long time which I love.

A clear and hydrated chest

I use this product to wash from the neck down after cleansing my body with my Japanese cloth and body wash. It’s genuinely such a gentle cleanser and smells sooo yummy. I love it, and I’ve seen such a significant change overall with my skin. I love it and can’t wait to purchase more for my body care routine

You're charging what for this?

I'm sorry, but I seriously can't believe how cheap all the products are from Epanouie because the price the other girls are charging for no results is quite hideous. I'm a firm believer that a product that works should be able to set a high price. However y’all decide to gives us AFFORDABLE AND EFFECTIVE which truly is a gift for us all.
I always forget to add my discount codes, but I don't even care. I'd pay whatever to continue getting my hands on this serum and all my other favourite products.

Why did I overlook it for the first week?

I seriously overlooked this product for about a week or more. I have never been a toner person, but this toner is so gentle and the way my skin is even….. I genuinely love this toner for how delicate it is, but also very refreshing. I will purchase this product in bulk as well since winter is on her way 😭😭 indeed a perfect staple for anyone with dry, sensitive skin


I’ve always had dark under-eye bags because of my lack of sleep. I work in healthcare, and lord knows I’m always tired. I started getting under-eye filler a year ago and realized that they made my under-eye area worse in terms of darkness, so I took a shot at this prospect and dissolved all my eye filler and GUESS WHO DOESNT HAVE DARK CIRCLES ANYMORE… Chile, the lord, knew to bless the hands of the person who made this formulation for the eye cream. I will never only rebuy one lmao I need This product is BULK. Lesson learned.


I completely love this product. I’ve always had very dry skin but no break outs or anything however my skin was just so damn dry. Finally started using the moisture soufflé and it completely changed my skin. I’ve only been using Épanouie skin for about two months going on three and I’m so so happy I found you. I religiously used Lamer but it never ever came close to giving me the results I’ve got from Épanouie

Marcelite Smith
The boost I needed

This is my second bottle as I accidentally broke my first but regardless this is a product I would buy again and again. A little goes a long way and once you follow the guidelines the results are impossible to miss. This is the most even and glowing my skin tone and texture has ever been in my life

Holy Grail

I have yet to find a better pimple treatment than this product. I use it at the first sign of a blemish and within two days or less, it’s gone like magic. I haven’t had a problem with hormonal breakouts during my time of the month for almost a year!! It also works on ingrown hairs. This is an essential product that everyone should invest in. I highly recommend it!


The body scrub is great and is both moisturizing and coarse enough to thoroughly scrub off dead skin. It’s a bit labor intensive to use since it’s so densely packed, but it’s not difficult to use, and the results are always worth it.

Gentle on skin

I’ve used a few lactic serums, and this one is super gentle and impactful. Doesn’t feel harsh on my face at all.


Delicious coffee like smell and great absorbability. It’s a great product and softens my skin all over. Like, I’ve never had skin as soft as the combination of the body scrub and body oil from this brand gives me. It also doesn’t irritate my KP which can sometimes be a problem with oils, but this one isn’t heavy at all. I just wish the bottle came in a super size, but for now I’ll just settle for buying multiple bottles. I highly recommend!

Love this

Night cream leaves my skin feeling great the next morning. A must buy!

Smooth skin (:

Absolutely love this product!!!!!!