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Khila Anderson
Amazing for Cold Months

Bought this cleanser to aid with the fight against the colder months! Leaves skin feeling clean but moisturized.

Pleasant and Luxurious

Extremely cleansing when used correctly, and won’t dry the skin out. I have had two pimples since I’ve used this (minor and removed overnight with blemish spot treatment.) It’s a soft oil that is gentle on the skin. I have normal skin and enjoy using it during the weather transition from summer to winter.

sold out for a reason. 🥹

You use this with elbow grease. With purpose. You’re not doing it right if you don’t see the consistency change before your eyes. You can scrubs demons off if you do it the right way. I used to have small bumps trailing the backs of my elbows. Now if you touch them, you’d be convinced to buy 12 jars for the rest of the year. Soft as a newborn, with consistent effort and proper use.

Goddess Skin

The love I have for this oil is beyond the English vocabulary. The consistency is thick, and has a sunset golden hue that barely stains my Turkish cotton bath towels from Frontgate. A little goes a long way, especially when you layer on top of the body whip/soufflé. The scent is like a Moroccan coffee shop, and it’s just luxurious to experience.

Just stop buying scrubs from Walmart.

Get behind a sugar scrub that actually reveals new layers to your skin. I’ve been using this sparingly as I’m also using chemical exfoliants from Epanouie and the results have been breathtaking. No photos yet because I want to do a full year :) before and after.

Smooth, glowy skin.

This cream is amazing. I use it sparingly, about 2 times a week, and top it with the facial oil. In the morning I wake up with smooth textured, glowing skin. A little goes a long way like all of the other products from this brand and I will definitely repurchase.

Gabrielle Martin

I was sent a sample of this product with a different Epanouie purchase. My skin doesn't love change, so I don't usually mix up my products or introduce a ton of new ones. The Superfruit Gel Creme was an exception and has now become my primary daytime moisturizer. It is PERFECT for all-day wear and has made a huge difference in my fine lines. The smell is a huge plus!


I use this product carefully and sparingly, but wow, the results. Using this product has changed the texture and tone of my skin, especially on my chin. I live in a really dry, hot climate, so finding products that are light but effective makes a world of difference for my skin. I would only suggest this product to people who are consistent and knowledgable regarding their skincare routine.

Gabrielle Martin

I have never used a body scrub like this before, and I'll never go back! The soft, creamy texture that comes from working the scrub into your skin is unlike anything you'll find in another body scrub. I use this scrub once per week, and it has made my skin smoother, helped with in-grown hairs, and helped keep my legs moisturized during the winter. Absolutely love this product!

Kemi Babarinde
I’m getting all flavors

Because these butters are exquisite. And all off my loved ones will get a flavor for Christmas!

The best moisturizer

I have really dry skin and live in desert. This keeps my skin supple and feeling moisturized all day long.

Olubukola Tifase
Absolutely love this oil

I absolutely love this oil on my skin. It makes my skin glow and I love the scent. It’s not heavy and it gets the moisture locked in. The smells stays on your skin all day.

whitney nixon
A Staple

I have fallen in love with this balm! you dont need alot and the results you get are magnificent ! My skin is soft, supple, glowly, and just feels good. I can't live without it now in my nighttime routine!

Long Term Investment

When I initially purchased this I had high hopes for it to work fast. But as time has gone on I realized this is a product you use as an investment, results take time. You will enjoy the journey along the way because this product smells amazing and it works wells as a deodorant substitute as you work to lighten your underarms. I truly love this product and I am slowly getting my ideal results. I use this on my elbows, underarms, and knees.... so far so good (:!

whitney nixon
Love it!

I didnt know how much I needed this until I bought it. It pairs well with the Beauty Bar and allows your soap to dry without that left over product all over the corner of your tub. 10/10

whitney nixon
The Best Scrub EVER!

Prior to using this scrub, I wasn't a big fan of body scrubs. I never felt clean but i certainly felt scratched up lol! I adored that this scrub turns into a lotion and it feels so good on my sensitive skin. I use it 1-2 times a week and my skin always feel soft and hydrated afterwards. My body care routine has been turned up a notch when I included this in my routine. This is by far one of my favorite products from the body care line

Quianna Miller
smells like heaven (lemon creme cake)

I loveeeee this smell so much. The butter goes on so smooth and has such great moisture. Excited to try more of the other scents.

Sharae Hightower
Squeaky clean

I love this cleanser. I always feel like my face is extremely clean right after washing my face with this product

Works great as a deodorant

The product keeps me fresh all day! I’ve never had an bad moments and I workout pretty routinely. However, I haven’t noticed it lightening my underarms yet.

Sharae Hightower
So good

This products smells so good!!! It really extends the smell of the body butter when layering! The pregnant women at my job would literally come sit next to me to keep themselves from becoming nauseous because I smelled so good

Simone Summer Morgan

Really amazing for dark spots/overall skin tone. No issues!

Smells Amazing!

The body butter, paired with the dry oil will have your skin feeling smooth and smelling great all day, without being overpowering at all. Definitely a worthwhile purchase and you should 100% buy both together to get the full effect.

sharlea brookes

This cleanser is perfect for those with dry skin


I got this as a sample but wasnt a product I thought I'd actually need... I was wrong. As soon as I started using it I noticed my skin feeling more rejuvenated and even had a soft glow, finishing my sample and waiting for this product to restock were the longest 2 weeks of my life. I seriously love this stuff and would recommend to everyone!

perfect deodorant

I almost wish I never tried this deodorant because I fear I'll never be able to go back. I've never had too much of a problem with smell but I sweat... A LOT. I have used everything from clinical strength to natural stuff but nothing has ever truly worked for me until I tried this! I wasn't expecting too much bc unfortunately only aluminum deodorants have worked for me, but this is a game changer! its also brightened my pits, and honestly smells delicious. Ive only tried the citrus burst bc its the only one left before selling out but Im a fan. you only need a slight swipe (clean pits ofc) and you will be set for the day! Do I still sweat? Yes, but noticeably less and I am no longer paranoid all day. Plus it makes me feel a lot better that this is natural deodorant and Im not filling my body with questionable chemicals. I really think this is worth the money!