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Consistency is key

Love, love, love this product. With consistent use, you can definitely see results!!


Love this moisturizer!! Wake up every morning with a glow!!!

This toner wasn't anything out of the ordinary for me. As far as value I felt like I wasn't getting a TON of product for the price especially since this is a twice a day type of product. But it wasn't bad, it helped my other products do their jobs and the Epanouie skincare team was awesome at helping me figure out what products to use and in what order, as well as the frequency of use. I won't buy this toner again, but using it daily helped me find my current toner and taught me to use it consistently so thank you Epanouie Skincare team!

Okay product

I feel like this does what it claims. I have oily skin, acne prone skin. The product is very gentle and moisturizing but barely lathers. I think it helped with my dehydrated skin, however didn't do much else for me. As an oily person I think that lathers, even gentle ones, are better for me.

The pump on mine was also questionable and never really worked so I had to pour the rather liquid soap directly into my hands. I feel like I wasted a lot of product because of it. Out of all the products I ordered, I felt that this one was the lowest quality one all around.


So I have oily, acne-prone skin and hyperpigmentation from acne scars.

First: this product goes a super long way. I've had mine since June and I'm just NOW starting to run out and it's mid-November.

Second: using it just 2x week really helped with me not breaking out often, and made any breakout way more mild. I recently increased my intake to 3x a week and BOYYYY what a game changer. Way less acne, much more even skin tone, better oil control, scars fading... Really it's more like... what does this product NOT do?

Brighter complexion

This product wasn't great *for me* because my skin gets congested easily & is acne prone. Using it daily did leave my skin looking more radiant, but it did nothing for me in terms of acne prevention or treatment.

It's a good product, I would just advise to read the product guide (which is new I think because I don't remember seeing one at the time of this order) to make sure it's suited to your skin type and concerns.

Love it !

Has done an amazing job at minimizing my blemishes and dark marks. I love all Epanouies products


A really refreshing and light toner. I didn't realize how much I needed to incorporate a toner into my skin regime. Takes away excess dirt with a cotton pad. I use it at day and at night and it works great for my sensitive skin.

Literally noticed a difference in my skin after the first night using this. My skin was GLOWING!!! I love everything about the Épanouie line. Beautiful packaging, a pamphlet with instructions to the whole line, great ingredients. Definitely worth it and I honestly don’t see myself using anything else at this point. Can’t wait too add more of these products!

Love this masque! I bought this one because the Pumpkin one was sold out but this one had such great reviews too I decided to try it out. It smells great and it’s very gentle on your skin. Been using it a little over a month now about 3x a week and my skin is a lot smoother! I use a facial mask brush to be sure I’m not using more product than I need to and because the consistency of the masque, the brush makes it less messy to apply. Like the rest of the products, a little really does go a long way.

Loveeeeeee It!!!!

This product has replaced my Glamglow night crème in my skin regimen now. A little goes a LONG way (like a little little, you don’t need much AT ALL) so this product should last you quite a while. I’ve been using it a little over a month along with the lactic serum and fruit enzyme masque. Loving the results so far.

Good mask

I am sure after more usage, I will see results. I have not seen a significant change with using it weekly. It smells nice though, and no irritation.

Great Night Cream

I love this night cream! My second time purchasing it, since my first one fell on the floor and shattered. A little goes a long way so I am sure i will be using this for a while.

Good combo

I like the serum bundle thus far. I had my eye on both products so this was a good choice for the price point. So far, it is working well for me.


Consistency is key with this bundle, but when you follow the routines provided, you’ll see a difference in the overall tone and texture of your skin. If you’re worried about the price, just remember that a little goes a looooong way. My favorite product in the bundle is the night creme.

Smells so good!!

This product is amazing and does SUCH a good job with texture. I love using this right before putting on the fruit enzyme masque. It makes my skin sooo smooth after and even more the next day! 10/10 recommend.

Desert Staple

This is a staple product for dry winters in the desert. I'm also recovering from cystic acne, so trying new products can be scary. This has kept my skin clear, soft, and hydrated and has never made me break out. I use it after dampening my skin with the Rafraîchir Daily Toner and love them both!


I use this after the clarifying oil cleanser, and my skin loves it. Leaves my face feeling light and refreshed, without feeling dry. It is a good building block for other products you put on afterwards. I also do keep it in the fridge and it makes it very cool on my face, which probably helps seal in pores after a warm shower.

A must have

I live in LA and the weather is very dry (as opposed to the humidity I was used to on the EC) and the air quality is absolute trash. This serum is the perfect product to use when you need that extra moisture. This is also my second time buying it, and I recommend stocking up on it!

Bomb mask!

To start off, the mask smells amazing. Like it smelled like a cold pumpkin pie once I opened it. Secondly, once applied to the skin (i follow the directions given in the pamphlet) my skin is noticeably smoother, tighter, and brighter. I definitely recommend buying it.

Everyday I’m so amazed by how smooth my face is becoming. I purchased the trial size just to see and I’m wondering why I didn’t just go for the whole thing because this product is amazing!


These products are honestly the gospel. I can’t believe I’ve finally found something that works wonders. The price is such a small thing to lay for the magic it’s doing! Going to be posting pictures soon!


This cream has to be one of the most moisturizing and softening ones out there. I’m literally in love. My skin feels so much better. I’m just amazed tbh.

Great toner!

Its nice and refreshing! Very gentle as well, plus a little goes a long way.

Amazing Mask

My acne has been by far the worst it has ever been in my life the past few months. I saw Épanouie Skincare on Twitter and they happened to be selling products that week. I bought this mask on a whim because I was desperate to find something to help and this mask has truly helped ease my hormonal acne. You have to stay consistent with it, I forgot to use it one week and I could see a major difference from the weeks that I was using it. My acne has gone down and the texture of my skin is great. Definitely will be buying this and many more products the next time they're in stock!