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Love love love

I absolutely love this soap, I wish I could stock up on a year supply so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting my hands on it. I had back acne and it completely cleared my back acne. I also like that it doesn’t dry my skin out and I trust her products so I love having a complete body care system.

Tessa Williams
Hydrated & Clean

This soap is the best soap I have ever used. It makes my skin feel so hydrated after each use and at the same time I have a deep down clean feeling. It also has faded the hyperpigmentation on my inner thighs. I love the smell that lingers on my skin and the bathroom after my shower. 10/10 would recommend.

I love the soyeuse body oil. I use it on top of the barbeurre body whip a couple times a week and I feel like the gentle exfoliation really keeps my skin clear, helps lighten the occasional hyperpigmentation, and reveals a pretty complexion. The smell is soo good, kind of like coffee. The esthetician that performed my premium consult told me to stop using it (maybe because I have some pretty stubborn patches of dermatitis/sensitive skin) but I’m definitely going to ask if/when I can restart it (along with the body whip).

I really like this product. It makes my skin feel plump and moisturized and refreshed. The description refers to it as a light mist across the face, but the nozzle is actually a pump like the picture depicts, so it feels more like a serum to me. I used it in the morning before my moisturizer (and use Epanouie’s hyaluronic acid at night) until the esthetician (i ordered a premium consultation) told me to use only the hyaluronic acid until my skin became more hydrated. For what it’s worth, I have acneic skin and struggle with active breakouts as well as dermatitis.


Everyone looks at me like a mad woman when I mention my $100 face cream, and I honestly don't care. My hyperpigmentation is fading, and my skin is smoothing out. Customer 4L.

Ryan Kennedy
Perfect product

I had this mysterious redness on my chest that dissapeared after using this cream twice. Not to mention it also smells amazing. Would definitely order again ❤️❤️

Ryan Kennedy

I got the brown sugar scent and it literally smells like heaven. It reminds me of the smell of freshly baked cookies or a starbucks drink lol. Definitely get this product.

Worth it

This is the best soap I’ve ever used. Leaves my skin feeling clean but not too tripped or dry. I see why it’s selling like hot cakes, I had to stock up on a few bars myself bc I can’t go back to regular soap after this.

A Happy Kitty!

I've been using the trio system for about 2 going on three weeks now and I am beginning to see the results of a more even toned bikini area. I had some in-grown hairs and some dryness after a previous wax session - it's helped to clear that up the rose soap + oil combo is amazing with the very soft bamboo wash cloth. I also appreciate that the scent is very minimal and natural (herb like) yet not overbearing, it feels like a little spa treatment each time I use it! Would recommend AND will be repurchasing! Thank you Epanouie for my beautiful skin!

In Love

Absolutely in love with this. This has been my first time using a chemical exfoliant. I’ve been wanting this product for awhile and finally bought it. I was nervous at first because I have sensitive skin but I was sick of the dullness/dryness in my skin. Since using this my skin and been glowing and softer. I feel more confident taking pictures. I wake up feeling good. I cant wait to keep using this and seeing how the results are after a couple months of consistent use. Definitely recommend!!!

It does work

This serum definitely works, but I wish I was getting the miraculous results other reviewers are seeing. If you get it on a pimple early, the serum will flatten it quickly, but for closed comedones, the effect is not as marked.


I started using this because the super fruit gel didn't seem to agree with my skin (the Epanouie partner esthetician suggested that I may have had fungal acne which might have been aggravated by the super fruit gel). It is good, but not a replacement for that product. I’m not sure I’ve seen any drastic results (as it’s not a treatment cream) but it works for me as long as I use other hydrating agents (I.e. hyaluronic acid or the remplir hydrating essence) under it. It can feel a LITTLE heavy, so don’t use too much/as the comment says, the texture is not meant for oily skin. I have been told to switch to the barrier repair cream if that helps anyone.

This moisturiser can feel 'heavy' to some skin types because it is made for dry to normal skin which benefit from the texture. It should be used according to the directions. It is not an alternative to the Superfruit Gel Crème which is made for oily and acneic skin types. Thanks for your review.


The amount of hydration this product gives the skin is everything! If you take a look at the ingredients list, you'll see that this product obviously does everything it says! Breakouts and inflammation have been minimal since adding this product back to my routine and now I don't want to live without it!

Keyanna Lewis

I have to admit I didn’t know how to use properly at first. After “playing” with it a few times finally got it. The scrub is amazing and definitely would recommend.

The best for sensitive skin

The best moisturizer for sensitive skin. My texture has improved and my skin glows with this one.

Perfect for sensitive skin

Gentle yet effective. My skin feels extremely clean but not stripped. Nice fragrance that is subtle. Lasts long as well. My forever cleanser.

Love these

Great sponges to use with cleansers. Nice exfoliation and a good price.

Keeps soap dry

A great addition to my bathroom as it allows my soap to dry thoroughly. The style adds to the decor as well.


I really love this soap. I’ve been using daily for the past month and I can see how my skin has become more radiant over time. I also use just a tad of the soap on my face (don’t bite me) and my complexion is so much more even and clear. Love the smell. Love that it doesn’t stain my washcloths. You feel squeaky clean but not dry and stripped like Dr. Bronners. Only thing I’m trying to figure out is what to do with the small left over pieces of soap. Can’t bring myself to throw it away so the pieces are piling up 🥴 can they be melted down to make another bar at home?

excellent product

I've seen remarkable differences in my skin since using this product. A few years ago i noticed that i was getting a lot of texture and darkening around my chin and under my chin area. I also noticed an increase in acne and dark spots. After using this product I've eliminated those issues.

my skin looks more refined, breakouts have been eliminated, dark spots? none!.
this product is well worth the price and I have since recommended it to friend and family.

Thorough cleanse

Great product, thoroughly cleansed all makeup!

Smells heavenly

The amber musk scent is amazing and my skin feels super soft after use. I just wish the scent lasted a bit longer.

This saves my dry skin from flaking and irritating. Also helps my moisturizer absorb so much better

Maria Nakiyingi
Acne be gone!

Not sure how it works but this always clears stubborn acne for me & they don’t come as often, also leaves skin softtttt

Maria Nakiyingi
My mum loves it

I love buying my mum gifts from here and this is definitely a favourite, very luxurious bath & leaves skin super soft. A favourite!