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We guess your hands are a good enough tool for facial cleansing, but is "good enough" really good enough? You could do the bare minimum, but why? Made of superior material with deluxe thickness, our large sponges still fit comfortably in the hand and allow you to cleanse your face efficiently and deeply. The texture of the sponge makes exfoliating easy, requiring no extra effort from you. The sponges are washable and re-usable and will quickly become a favorite hack in your skincare routine. Each sponge can be used for for 1-2 weeks depending on usage. 50 count package.

      Sponges are compressed when dry, wet sponge thoroughly before applying product. Alternatively you can apply product to your face instead of on sponge. Wash face in circular motions going upward against gravity. Rinse sponge thoroughly after use. Also useful for removing products such as face masks. Sponges can be reused up to 14 times, however makeup and oil-based cleansers will degrade the quality of the sponge and make it harder to rinse & dry. 

          Cellulose Fiber (Wood Pulp)

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          Raven Fairley
          Didn't know what I was missing

          Didn't know what I was missing until I got these pads. They exfoliate so well.

          Worth it

          These sponges are great. I believe these sponges can last you up to a year especially if you cut them in half like I do. They expand once it touches water. It's great for exfoliations and works well with cleansers. It's definitely the extra oomph you may need in your skincare routine if you feel like something's missing.


          Hands? What even is that! This is what you need to be using to clean your skin

          P. Edet
          Never going back to using just the hands...

          the sponges just make the skin feel extra clean washing your face - especially following a pre-cleanse/after removing make up. I also feel that this helps with eczema/rough texture skin when cleansing with the sponges, and they are soft and very gentle. Nothing harsh or abrasive at all :)

          Daisy Ornelas

          I honestly got these and thought I had been ripped off. They come SO thin. As soon as they hit the water I was SHOOK. They puff up so much. I love to use w my cleansers in the shower to really get any dirt/makeup or dead skin off my face. I bought my box a year ago and haven't made a dent. I use for about a month then throw out because they do hold bacteria.