Épanouie (translated from French: flourish; also - blooming, blossoming, glowing) Skincare was inspired by my own journey of adolescent self-discovery and learning to love the skin I'm in. Along the way, I have realised you feel good when you look good, and that radiant energy transfers to everything else in your life! I wholeheartedly believe healthy, luminous skin is the foundation of outer beauty, and I hope to capture that belief with this brand.

I first started to experience acne at age 10, having suffered from severe eczema my entire life. Kids are so mean at that age, it ruined my self-esteem. I didn’t have the patience to take care of my skin at that time, so I tried every quick fix in the book which only led to more acneic skin riddled with dark marks and dry patches. I refused to leave the house without makeup in my teen years, it was that bad. Many years later, after much trial and error and grueling research, I finally have beautiful skin.

My skincare secret has been consistency, patience & high quality products handmade in small batches. I put my personal experience and heart into these products, which I love and have been manufacturing for my loved ones and my own use for quite some time. I hope to help people achieve clear, healthy skin at a reasonable price with a beautiful presentation. I genuinely hope you enjoy my products as much as I do. Thank you for reading!