Facial Cleansing Sponges
Facial Cleansing Sponges
Facial Cleansing Sponges

Facial Cleansing Sponges

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We guess your hands are a good enough tool for facial cleansing, but is "good enough" really good enough? You could do the bare minimum, but why? Made of superior material with deluxe thickness, our large sponges still fit comfortably in the hand and allow you to cleanse your face efficiently and deeply. The texture of the sponge makes exfoliating easy, requiring no extra effort from you. The sponges are washable and re-usable and will quickly become a favorite hack in your skincare routine. Each sponge can be used for for 1-2 weeks depending on usage. 50 count package.

      Sponges are compressed when dry, wet sponge thoroughly before applying product. Alternatively you can apply product to your face instead of on sponge. Wash face in circular motions going upward against gravity. Rinse sponge thoroughly after use. Also useful for removing products such as face masks. Sponges can be reused up to 14 times, however makeup and oil-based cleansers will degrade the quality of the sponge and make it harder to rinse & dry. 

          Cellulose Fiber (Wood Pulp)

          Customer Reviews

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          Never washing my face with hands again

          To begin with this review I just wanna say, that I love this product so much that I made my mom start using some to wash her already perfect skin with lol. How thin it comes before adding water is one thing I appreciate cause it’s easy to store. Then, there’s literally enough to be able to last for months. I can’t even see myself washing my face without a sponge now cause it don’t seem right anymore lol. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s the reason that alottt of my hyperpigmentation is fading away quicker than usual and it gives me a good clean feeling/looking face.

          A godsend!

          My face is so radiant and smooth


          These sponges are very nice! Once you wet them they get nice and supple. My face feels very smooth after usage. They can feel a little harsh on the face if you have sensitive skin, and have caused extra irritation if I put any actives on my face after my cleansing. I find that I don't get much usage out of them for this very reason. I prefer chemical exfoliation and it is just too much on my skin to use both. If you are more of a manual exfoliation gal these should be right up your alley!

          Staple item

          Texture? Don’t know her. Literally after just one use of these your skin will feel like it’s never felt before. I’ve tried many spin brushes and none have compared to what these sponges can achieve tbh. Also the quantity is more than what I had expected, very pleased. HIGHLY recommend.


          I LOVEE these sponges! It makes my skin care routine even greater. I can feel the difference between using these versus my hands. SO worth it!